Friday, October 7, 2011

Today I'm a strawberry. -- Sept.14

Today I'm a strawberry.

So Tuesday the 13th i called Wayne and said he had 1 bed available for me, i told him i would take it and would be up there in a few hours. I quickly ran to the Work N Holiday (SWAP) office and printed a few stuff off.

I checked out 4 nights early from Brisbane which was $120 lost. But i caught the train and arrived in Caboolture where Wayne, a good friend of the strawberry farm who lives just about a 5min walk down the road where i will be staying, had picked me up. He said just as he was coming to pick me up, an irish lad who called and asked about a bed a few days earlier had called back, but wayne told him the bed was taken because he didn't call back earlier like he said he would.

The guy who is staying in the bottom bunk under me trains horses on Waynes property… but also had been given a job at the strawberry farm but only made it about 6 hours before getting fired haha. 

The first day i got there I met the field supervisor and he told me the irish guy would be coming still as well as he found another place to stay at. So as we were picking strawberries we were told to take a 15m break about 2.5 hours in, and the irish lad stood up pushed his cart to the end and walked away. Guess picking strawberries wasn't his thing. So i got to take over his row.

Finally after picking strawberries for 9.5 hours i was done for the day. Man that job is very yummy smelling. And so tempting not to eat the strawberries while working. When i got back to Waynes i saw James (the guy who got fired after 6 hours) and he told me that the strawberry farm owner had called this morning and told Wayne that i walked off the job, at first i thought he was joking but then he took me to wayne and i told him that it was the irish lad. So Wayne told me he would call and tell them it wasn't me. I found that pretty funny. And then i went to my room and relaxed and had some steak made for me. Watched a movie, some X-Factor and then came on my laptop to write up a couple of these little blogs since im way behind.

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  1. Haha matt your so funny :) we all miss you at timmies :) but sounds like your having one heck of a good time :) good to hear bud :) ttys